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Founded in 2008, Yieldr thrives on creating and capturing demand for its advertisers by activating data into efficient programmatic marketing solutions.

The company has expanded through its efficient programmatic marketing solutions, which involves thorough research of the company’s digital consumer base and its defined goals before collaboratively working with clients to connect their products to the right market and launching their campaigns.

To ensure positive marketing results, Yieldr also accounts for specific campaign strategies, metrics, attainability and timing, and provides its clients an individualized and effective end-to-end advertising package.

“We remain committed to our core principals of data activation, transparency and giving advertisers control, we’ll continue to gain traction in the industry,” says Yieldr CEO Tom Triscari.

Once the advertising campaign is up and running, Mr Triscari explains, Yieldr’s easily accessible online dashboard allows client’s to track the progress of their individual campaigns through an increasingly transparent platform.

“It is our unique platform as well as our customer focus that has allowed us to grow by not only signing new advertisers, but also by nurturing our existing accounts and providing continuous positive marketing results,” says Mr Triscari.


“After a campaign is implemented, We look at a number of variables to continually make improvements and adjustments of our client’s campaign to ensure we maximize its yield,” says Mr Triscari. “Our transparency methods give the advertiser — our client — full control that ultimately benefits both the campaign and the level of results,” he adds.

Recently, Yieldr announced a total revenue growth of 300+% over the last four years, indicating its intent to continue re-shaping the way companies optimize their marketing campaigns.

Headed by a team of former Facebook, Yahoo!, Criteo, and TravelClick professionals, the unprecedented growth by the young advertising solutions company has also seen its staff double to more than 80 employees in the last year alone.

With this growth, and having recently become a part of the DDM Alliance (Data Driven Marketing Alliance) — a non-profit aimed at providing brands, agencies, media and e-commerce merchants a platform for learning, knowledge exchange and partnerships — Yieldr’s unique perspective on advertising solutions is set to place the company at the forefront of the industry and as a thought-leaders in advertising solutions.


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