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FounderSpotlight with Slavy Slavov, CEO of Equafy

Tell us about your business and what it does.

Equafy is a cross-browser testing service that is operating as SaaS. Our automatic service gives web developers, testers, and website owners the ability to verify their sites and code changes in minutes. With Equafy, they are able to check their site visuals and functional behavior on multiple browsers, platforms, and screen sizes.

What was the original inspiration behind the idea for your business?

We have been in the software development business for almost 15 years, and validating our web projects on all these browsers has been always a pain. It was taking a lot of time, infrastructure, and licenses for all these virtual machines. We then started using some external services, which saved us money and time, but the manual design review was still there for all the browsers. In my previous company we had ecommerce website owners making 30-50 changes per day to their stores, and each of these was risk for the site. There were not good enough tools. which could give quick and reliable feedback if the changes were causing problems on the site. That’s why we decided to fix this issue globally, since testing time started to take longer than development in many cases.

Have you owned a successful business before? What were the characteristics that led to success?

My experience varies from a high-tech California-based company in the security area, t0 managing the global QA teams in Experian for Monaco, UK, Bulgaria and Malaysia. My las job was managing the entire Bulgarian operation for OrderDynamics, a very fast growing eCommerce company. What I have learned over the years is that two of the most important characteristics that lead to growth and success are trust and getting the right people. If you can trust your team and you can work with the team as an equal, then it’s much easier to grow and fix issues since you all know you face the same direction. Having a combination of people you trust, and that also trust you, is priceless.

How does your product and/or company stand out from its competition?

We are entering a market with good competition, and they are good at saving the infrastructure for browsers. However, we aim to go further by getting rid of the manual testing piece. Our objective is very clear – any site will be verified within minutes, not hours or days. We have also developed really intuitive site navigation, and have tested its usability extensively. We also have the luxury of leveraging the latest technology trends, for example, one common execution of a site tested on 10 browsers would generate about 200 screenshots, which is more than 500 MB for most sites. We are leveraging the latest trends, and deliver the image to the user real-time from the location he’s based in, that way delivering these screenshots 5-6 times faster compared with most vendors.

What is the most important lesson you learned in the early stages of your business? 

Work with the right people. I’ve known it from the past but now see it even better. We saw companies splitting, and other companies not delivering anything that they promised. You need to have the right partners and you, need to be very blunt internally without any politics. That’s the only way you can really correct each other and grow the business.

What are the key company milestones that you would like to achieve over the next year?

We have split it into two main cycles. This calendar year we want to complete all major functionalities that we wanted to add to the initial service, we are adding support for mobile, live browsers in the cloud and the advanced visual comparison across the browsers. Next calendar year is focused on growth, we’d become more enterprise able to integrate with a lot of 3rd parties, focus on large partnerships.

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