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Founders Network

Founded in 2011, Founders Network offers lifelong peer mentorship to over 500 tech startup founders.

Already seen as an invaluable  service in the startup ecosystem, FN provides a range of services and benefits to its group of members — including online mentorship programs, direct connections with other founders through a vibrant and confidential peer mentorship community, and links to prominent Angel investors and Tier-1 Venture Capital firms.

FN is uniquely focused on lifelong success through peer mentorship and has proven complementary to founder matchmaking platforms, startup accelerators and the investment community.  “We’ve seen a tremendous amount of interest from graduates of accelerators who are looking for a longer-term, proactive support network,” says Founder and CEO Kevin Holmes.

To qualify for membership, tech founders must be beyond the idea stage and have already taken the leap to working full-time on their venture.  With FN’s member nomination model driving 99% of member growth in the network, Holmes explains, a nomination from a current member is helpful but not required.

Furthermore, Founders Network members raised over $100M in funding so far this year, providing an unparalleled peer mentorship network exclusively for tech founders.

With members located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and other world-class tech hubs, the networking platform has doubled every year since its inception in 2011 and now counts over 500 vetted tech founders among it’s membership

“This is a meticulously curated network of full time tech startup founders with a shared focus to build a long-term, trusted support network,” says Holmes, “The level of funds raised by FN’s collective group of more than 500  members underscores both the operational expertise and investor relationships within our community and the benefits of peer mentorship” he adds.

By facilitating relationships between founders and investors,, FN members look to gain an unparalleled level of information and expertise to drive their startups forward. Now, with the $100 million milestone, FN members have proven the quality of their experience and the value of peer mentorship.

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