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Founder Spotlight with Muneeb Mushtaq, CEO of AskforTask

What motivated you to join the entrepreneurial culture?

We recognized that there was a demand in the marketplace and we wanted to bridge the gap between the consumer and service industry, by providing a platform for collaborative consumption and creating opportunities for micro entrepreneurs.

What is the story behind the startup/ how the idea to make the startup came into your mind?

The idea for AskForTask transpired from a need. After requiring a plumber/repairman to fix a leaking faucet, we spent many hours attempting to locate a serviceman at a reasonable price point, but were unable to get an accurate quote without a stranger surveying the damage. The result was the idea for a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can share their skills/commodities through a safe and trustworthy platform, with reputable individuals.

What is your startup’s mission and vision?

Our mission is to utilize the sharing economy to provide a solution for those looking for jobs. AskforTask believes that creating a global community, and disrupting the traditional economical norms are the keys to this. Our ultimate vision is to be the largest local marketplace for daily errands

Can you share some brief details about the founders?

Muneeb and Nabeel Mushtaq are brothers and Co-Founders of AskforTask. Muneeb acts as CEO and Nabeel as COO. They built the company from the ground up, moving from their own home to an office in Toronto’s financial district in only two years.

Is your company bootstrapped or funded? If funded please give the details.

Funded – we received angel funding of $150,000 in November 2012, and then received seed funding of $300,000 in December 2013.

What problem does your startup solve?

AskforTask solves the dilemma of consumers requiring small jobs on short notice, at a reasonable price. On the other hand, AskforTask also provides a source of income for those looking for jobs, and those looking to make supplementary income on their own schedule.

How does your startup differ from competitors?

AskforTask has Community Relations personnel that reach out to our user-base to connect them with tasks in their area. Our service price-point is the lowest in industry at 15%.

What difficulties did you face while starting the company?

In the early stages it was difficult to get the right product out as we were tapping into a brand new sector. Once we released our product to group of users however, we received integral feedback which was immediately implemented. Rather than trying to create a perfect product – as no such product exists – we listened to our core users which we realized was the best process in order to move the business forward.

Who are your major clients?

AskforTask’s major clients are the common consumers; micro-entrepreneurs all across Canada. AskforTask Business is a B2B solution providing SMBs and corporations to get quick projects done. Our major clients include Google, TripAdvisor and more.

What is the revenue model?

Its plain and simple. Its absolutely free to post a task and we charge 15% on the Taskers end (person running the task)

Give us your elevator pitch in one to two sentences: is the leading peer-to-peer marketplace in Canada.With over 150, 000 users across the country, Canadians have saved over $20 million using our platform. We have created over 30, 000 jobs for Canadians to benefit from.


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